From a young age Antonia has been a lover of movement, expression and creativity. Dance was always a passion and after training in different body therapies, combined with much extended travel, she decided to fulfill her dream of dancing flamenco and moved to Sevilla to do this. Her discovery of yoga came from personal practices of meditation, harmonic chanting, breathing and stretching… where she learnt that to listen within was such an important practice to enhance the quality of our lives. From there it became a part of life, integrated in her way of living. She then continued to follow her own inner guidance and moved to India where she qualified as a yoga teacher. She continued to study with world renowned teachers and formed a great love for the country

Since then Antonia has opened her own Yoga studio in Spain LASHALA, and gives classes, workshops, talks, private sessions and retreats on a regular basis. She has a flowing, graceful style, exploring and challenging the beautiful opportunities that yoga has to offer on the mat but mainly in our everyday lives. Antonia integrates the experiences and challenges of life itself into her teaching of yoga, leaving her students content and with a fresh awareness.
Antonia guides us to listen and trust more within, as she feels it all starts from there… and with deepening practice shines from the inside out. Her presence is loving and nurturing and radiates in her classes and retreats.

“We need our continuing practice, it cleanses us, steadies us, and reminds us of what is true and important. Our daily practice helps us to stay balanced, attend and listen to our body, keep our heart open, and strengthen our abilities. We practice to express our awakening…not to attain it”