Life in Harmony

Breath, Movement, Meditation and Massage

For Antonia teaching is not so much a job but more about sharing a passion for both deepening and guiding awareness on a path that she too is learning. She loves discovering healing potentials for the body and mind with people from all walks of life.

“Without breath there is no life… the better quality of the breath, the richer the quality of life. We have the innate resources to change the way we feel physiologically, physically, mentally and emotionally, we just need to know how to use them. When the breath is steady so is the mind and body. Integrating the practices of pranayama, asana and meditation into our days and inviting the breath to guide us more and more into the present moment can help us feel healthy, harmonious and ALIVE”

“A few yoga sessions with Antonia reignited a long dormant interest which has now become a passion. Her effective and clear teaching methods combined with enthusiasm, warmth and humour make her the best yoga teacher I have ever had.”

Nicola Hollis, England

“Antonia is a unique and exceptional teacher.”

Inma Domínguez, Sevilla

“Antonia has an energy and spirit that resonates. Her care and attention makes the class so fluid and such a pleasure, she remains my favourite yoga instructor. Her positivity and vibrant attitude is contagious. Thank you for being such a special soul. I look forward to practicing yoga with you again very soon. “

Sirin Masri, Jordan

“Antonia is this yoga angel who makes you push yourself mentally and physically in the most gentle and encouraging way. She is the reason I fell in love with yoga. Every time we went to class I came out stronger, more flexible and more in tune with my body. I learned how to do crazy inversions that surprised even me and from that moment on I was hooked. Thank you Antonia for doing what you love, because it really is a gift and I am so happy you share it with us all!”

Anelise Salvo, California

“Antonia was simply inspirational. Graceful and patient, radiant and clearly joyful in her element. She guided and encouraged and led and supported. We followed and were utterly entranced and seduced by yoga.”

Jem Hollis, England


With more than 11 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist, having trained at The London School of Therapeutic Massage, Antonia has continued to explore body work on her travels in the world. She has qualified in Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Reiki, Ayurveda and Pregnant Massage. All this enables her to offer treatments promoting physical and emotional healing as well as restoring energy levels. Her skilled and sensitive touch has allowed many people over the years to feel revitalized, safe and really well looked after.

“I have had many massages in my life with different masseuse. Antonia is excellent, but what makes her outstanding is her remarkable intuition and feeling for the mind and body of her client.”

April Edwards, England

“Antonia is an experienced masseuse, who in addition to alleviating fatigue and pain ,takes you to a place of deep relaxation and enjoyment…the massages are wonderful.”

Bea Cousinou, Sevilla

“I felt tranquillity, calmness and most of all deep peace, it was very liberating”

Inés Gonzalez, Sevilla

“Antonia has a supremely skilled touch in her massage ability, both sensitive and strong, definite and specific at the same time, intuitively feeling into the knots and enabling those to dissipate leaving one feeling restored and very relaxed. Altogether a lovely experience.”

Victoria O´Conner, England