Yoga & New Birth

Antonia has taught yoga for pregnant women for a few years before herself experiencing pregnancy and birth. This has greatly enriched her knowledge and understanding of this magical time in a woman’s life. Her classes and private sessions invite women to connect with the amazing and unique miracle happening in their bodies. She works on building strength both physically as well as emotionally.Also body postures and movement to support and open up the body during these changes. She integrates breathing techniques, chanting and relaxation in preparation for and during birth, including husbands and partners to participate during the sessions.

After some time teaching pregnant woman Antonia naturally began to give classes to Mothers and their babies. These are sessions where women can bring their babies to learn massage techniques and movements to help both  be happy and healthy. Not only does it focus on the babies but it also allows the Mothers to reconnect with their bodies, alleviate tensions and relax their muscles. They can connect and be vulnerable with other women who are also experiencing motherhood, which is found by many participants to be a great support in this momentous time of change in their lives.

“My classes with Antonia were fundamental to enjoying my pregnancy and birth. With the sweetness and closeness that Antonia transmits, I learned to breathe, listen and take care of my body and focus my attention. Antonia spoke in a way I found inspiring and with the yoga movements, breathing, mantras, the relaxations, Antonia’s advice and classes with moms and babies they were all a precious help during and after my pregnancy. Antonia thank you for your professionalism, your care, and your wisdom.”

Carole Vecten, France

“My time with Antonia during my pregnancy was one of the most gratifying, positive, energising and lovely experiences. I have learnt how to relax, breathe, enjoy my pregnancy and my baby. We have shared many experiences and it has been fascinating. The birth was really great thanks to all that I had learnt with Antonia. Thank you!”

Marta Merino Blatnik, Sevilla